Why Us?

  • Dynamic Environment
  • Exam-Focused

We provide an interactive environment to facilitate learning. This allows us to put the focus on:


Some of our students wanted a more exclusive environment, with small learning groups. Magic Square was created to cater to this demand and provide a boutique experience in an open learning space.


A small and intimate class setting allows students to better dictate the pace of the lesson. Learning is expedited through maintaining an intimate class size and setting.

At Magic Square, we place strong emphasis on identifying question types and how to answer various exam questions.

We value the power of reading, dissecting and comprehending a question.

By learning to recognize which concepts and areas of understanding that a question is testing for, students will gain mastery in the topic and at the same time, become "exam-smart".

I joined Magic Square H2 math in J2 after stagnating at an E for my entire J1 year and J2 term exams. Their lessons are very targeted and catered to each specific student in terms of pace and ability and the teachers are always very willing to help. The concise notes, teachers as well as the engaging lessons have helped me achieve a C at mid years and eventually an A for my A levels.

Erica Lui

The tutors here are all very friendly and are willing to help me achieve better result. Ever since i’ve joined Magic Square, i became more confident when i’m facing challenging questions as the tutors here taught me time management and effective methods to solve such questions. They are also willing to help outside of lesson by answering us 24/7 whenever we needed help. I’m really thankful to have join Magic Square and would definitely recommend it to other people.

Claudia Yip


We charge a reasonable $90 for 2 hours.

Our class timings are extremely flexible and prone to changes each week, depending on the timetables of our students. You can find our comprehensive weekly schedule here.

Make-up will be offered within a week. If you are still unable to attend, make-up will be forfeited.

A class is capped at 12 people.

We create an interactive and conducive learning environment where students are taught with an exam driven approach. By providing mind-maps, cheat sheets and other mnemonic devices, we shorten the learning curve and help our students grasp complex concepts easily. Through these methods, each student is primed to perform exceptionally in their examinations.