I joined Magic Square H2 math in J2 after stagnating at an E for my entire J1 year and J2 term exams. Their lessons are very targeted and catered to each specific student in terms of pace and ability and the teachers are always very willing to help. The concise notes, teachers as well as the engaging lessons have helped me achieve a C at mid years and eventually an A for my A levels.

Erica Lui

The tutors here are all very friendly and are willing to help me achieve better result. Ever since i’ve joined Magic Square, i became more confident when i’m facing challenging questions as the tutors here taught me time management and effective methods to solve such questions. They are also willing to help outside of lesson by answering us 24/7 whenever we needed help. I’m really thankful to have join Magic Square and would definitely recommend it to other people.

Claudia Yip

When i first joined, I was consistently failing my math exams in school. The tutors have helped me structure my learning and has great teachers to help and consolidate my learning. With their help, i managed to improve from a U to an A for A levels in a matter of a few months.


I chose Crucible because of its holistic education. Not only do the tutors emphasize the importance of academics, they also ensure that the students have fun during their learning and I feel that that is a very important aspect which really helped me through my JC journey. i would really recommend Crucible to anyone who’s looking to excel and have fun simultaneously.

Yuan Feng

I first joined Magic Square back in J1 when I felt that my math was a little bit rusty . Magic Square has really helped me to grasp and master the math concepts through small class sizes and the interaction between the tutors and students. I always look forward to attending their lessons because of the fun and relaxed environment which has helped me absorb more from each lesson. Magic square has really helped me to secure my A for A Level Math and I strongly recommend anyone in need of help to join them!

Leon Lai

I joined Magic Square shortly after mid-years with terrible math grades and a desire to get better results. I was consistently poor at math and I had little time to change things. The lessons were super effective. What I learn in one lesson is much more than what I learn in a tutorial or lecture in school. Marcus’ teaching style suited me well and I could see my grades improve fast. I eventually managed an A for H2 math at the ‘A’ levels. I want to thank Marcus and Magic Square for all their help.


Before joining Magic Square, I was constantly getting Us for my mathematics examinations. However, under the guidance of the patient and caring tutors, my grades improved greatly. The materials provided are concise and relevant and the lessons are engaging. Additionally, the conducive environment, flexible schedule and tailor made lessons that Magic Square offers provides for a pleasant and productive learning experience. Marcus is an excellent tutor and has helped me tremendously during my time in Magic Square by guiding me every step of the way and constantly motivating me to work harder, allowing me to achieve my goals at the A level examinations. Overall, my experience at Magic Square has been an extremely enriching and enjoyable one.

Ryan Tan

Marcus is a caring and devoted teacher whose sole purpose was to allow his students to excel academically. Under his tutelage, my math improved drastically and he gave me the confidence and the peace of mind as i walked into my A level examination and secured my A. Marcus remains steadfast in serving his students to the best of his ability and will answer any question that i pose to him with tremendous ease and explain solutions with simplicity that allows me and everyone in the room to understand without problem. He perfectly balances friendliness and professionalism in his craft and i thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward going to his classes every week to learn more under. It is safe to say that Marcus played a monumental role in allowing me to score my distinction in my A level along with the hard work i put in.
Thank you Marcus!

James Koh